Starboard Home is a collaborative album commissioned by the National Concert Hall and the Dublin Port celebrating the city of Dublin, the flow of the Liffey to the sea, and the docklands.

“I decided to write a song about Dublin as its own entity, with a heart, a soul, a life force that flows. There’s a vibrancy and pulse to this wonderful town, the charm and wit of a true Dubliner is hard to beat. This city has overcome a lot and become stronger for it. It’s a progressive city, it embraces the new but also respects and celebrates the old. The Docklands, the shipyards, Dublin port, these places are symbolic of the constant movement, the vital and unrecognised work of the heart of the city, pumping new life through its veins, bringing newness from other lands right to the mouth of the Liffey. This rich aspect of Dublin needs to be celebrated. What better way than through poetry and song.”¬†

Gemma on Caught in the Rapids

The album is out today and the music will be performed live for the first time at the National Concert Hall on 22 and 23 June 2016. The first performance is now sold-out but there are some tickets remaning for the second night.

The Irish Post has described¬†the album as “[a] spellbinding journey from an ensemble of Irish musicians” and writes “Gemma Hayes is at her most celestial on Caught In The Rapids”.

For more information, to listen to the album and for tickets, please visit the Starboard Home website.