The Roads Don’t Love You was Gemma’s second album. It was released in 2005. It led to Gemma’s nomination at the Ireland Music Awards in 2006 where she also performed live and picked up the award.

The title is taken from a line in the MagneticFields song Long Vermont Roads.

Due to a quirk of fate the album was never made available in the United States on iTunes or other digital platforms.

We have been applying pressure to Universal Music, who recently acquired the Virgin / EMI catalogue, and as a result you can download and stream the album in the US.

Almost 10 years late … but we think it was well worth the wait .

Here’s the iTunes link for the USA site – which now uses the international artwork as opposed to the original cd cover used in the US

Track listing

  1. “Two Step”
  2. “Another For The Darkness”
  3. “Happy Sad”
  4. “Easy On The Eye”
  5. “Keep Me Here”
  6. “Undercover”
  7. “Nothing Can”
  8. “Helen”
  9. “Something In My Way”
  10. “Horses”
  11. “Tomorrow”
  12. Pull Me In